Rising Black Fungus Infection in Tamil Nadu: 921 cases so far In TN

Black Fungus Representative Image
Black Fungus Representative Image

Following the second wave of corona in Tamil Nadu, black fungal infections continue to increase across the state. Black fungus is targeting survivors from the corona.

People who have recovered from corona, those who have taken steroids, those who are immunocompromised, and diabetics have been diagnosed with the disease, according to the medical department.

According to the announcement, 2,470 bottles of  Ambodorisin have arrived in Tamil Nadu so far from the Central Government to treat black fungus, and 921 people are affected by the black fungus in Tamil Nadu so far.

A team of 13 medical experts has been set up to determine how black fungus infection occurs, whether there is an alternative treatment and whether there is any alternative medicine. Many people are dying due to the disease. This is the reason why people are paying for the vaccine with great confidence.

As of June 2, the number of black fungus victims in Tamil Nadu was 518. Demand for Ambodorisini has grown significantly as a result of recent increasing cases. About 95 per cent of them say they are being treated in hospitals, and 277 are being treated in Chennai alone. However, many of them are confident that they are recovering from treatment.

It has also been informed that a request has been made on behalf of the Tamil Nadu government to allocate an additional 30 thousand medicines to the concerned companies. The health department has urged the concerned hospitals to monitor whether all those who have recovered after treatment suffer from black fungus after corona and provide the necessary treatments district wise.

However, immunity sometimes becomes a problem for people with coronavirus. They have a reactive condition that causes them to become ill and need intensive treatment.

At this point, the patients will be given immunosuppressive drugs such as steroids. Perhaps if the patients involved are already immunocompromised or have been suffering from the disease for long periods, such as diabetes, they may develop a reaction to this steroid drug, such as a fungal infection.

If the person is infected with this black fungus, then the person is more likely to get eye and brain nerves affected. If the person is already struggling to control the infection, then it is to be understood that the black fungus disease has begun to cause more infection. 

More than a thousand beds have been set up for black fungus across Tamil Nadu. And to note, 312 beds have been set up in government hospitals in Chennai alone. According to health officials, 921 people have been diagnosed with black fungus in Tamil Nadu so far.