Room used By 292nd Guru Maha In Madurai Adheenam Is Locked And Sealed


Following the release of Nithyananda's Facebook post, the room used by the Dean Arunagirinathar in the Madurai Athena monastery has been locked and sealed.

And to note, Srila Sri Arunagirinatha Gnanasambantha Desika Paramacharya, is the 292nd Guru Maha Sannidhanam or Pontiff of the Aadheenm. The 77-year-old Madurai Adinam Arunagirinathar was admitted to the Madurai Apollo Hospital two days ago due to ill health.

The 292nd Dean of the Madurai Athena Monastery, Arunagirinathar, is receiving treatment at the Apollo Hospital due to respiratory problems. He has been in critical condition since yesterday and is undergoing intensive treatment, hospital management said.

In this case, the room he used in the Madurai Athena monastery has been locked and sealed so that no one else can use it. The room was locked and sealed last night in the presence of Dharmapuram Aadeenam as it contained important documents, including documents detailing the property of the monastery.

He announced Nithiyananda on April 27, 2012, as the Junior Dean of the Madurai Adheenam. Following the controversy, he withdrew the notice on December 19, 2012. Later, Thambiran Sundaramoorthy, the elder of the Thiruvaduthurai dynasty, appointed the Swamis as the junior dynasty.

Nithyananda was appointed as the junior athenaeum and the court in May 2018 barred him from entering the Nithyananda monastery during the ongoing proceedings in the Madurai branch of the High Court in connection with the revoked orders.

At that time, in the petitions filed in the court, Nithyananda had mentioned himself as the 293rd Dean. The Athena monastery had stated in court that the notes were made by Nithiyananda improperly. Those cases are still pending. '

In this regard, Nithyananda has mentioned himself as the 293rd Dean of the Madurai Athena Monastery in a statement posted on his Facebook page for the speedy recovery of the Madurai Athena Monastery. It is noteworthy that the room of the present Athena has been locked and sealed as Nithyananda has issued a statement referring to himself as the 293rd Madurai Adheenam.