Rs 1000 Monthly Scheme for Women, TN CM Stalin

TN CM Stalin
TN CM Stalin

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Stalin has explained in the assembly that one crore female heads of households will be given a monthly entitlement of one thousand rupees.

He also said: Fishermen women, women who own small shops, and women who go to work at home will be given an entitlement amount. "Home for All" means home for the homeless. Guidelines for receiving Women's Entitlement Amount will be released soon.

The Tamil Nadu government is implementing People welfare programs as promised and also implementing undeclared schemes. This welfare scheme will be considered as the great scheme of this century for Women.

The Women's Entitlement Scheme has been introduced to recognize the value of working women. How many hours are women working at home and outside? 1000 rupees will be paid into the bank account of the head of the household. The general public knows who will benefit from this scheme.