Sainikesh Ravichandran Coimbatore Student Joins Ukrainian Army

Image Credit: Defence intelligence of Ukraine
Image Credit: Defence intelligence of Ukraine

A young man Sainikesh Ravichandran from Tamil Nadu has joined the Ukrainian Army. The Government of India and Tamil Nadu are investigating in this regard. This has caused a great stir, and his parents are requesting the Indian Government to take him back to India.

Sainikesh Ravichandran hails from the Thudiyalur area of ​​Coimbatore. He has been studying aviation at the Cargo National Aerospace University in Ukraine since 2019. The student has joined the paramilitary forces in Ukraine due to the ongoing war. 

Further, An investigation by Indian intelligence agencies has revealed that Sainikesh has joined the Georgian National Legion, a paramilitary unit in Ukraine, due to the ongoing war. Sainikesh Ravichandran, who wanted to join the Army early, had applied for it.

His name was not enlisted in the Indian Army due to his less height, and Sainikesh Ravichandran has now been offered the chance to join the Ukrainian paramilitary forces. He even informed about this to his parents, but his parents begged him to get back to India, but Sainikesh Ravichandran denies that.

The Central and state intelligence agencies have revealed that Sainikesh is the only one fighting for the country, whereas the other Indian students are returning to the country. Sainikesh Ravichandran is said to have been in touch with his family in the midst of the war environment and continues to take part in the war.