Selvaraj Melts In Memory Of His Brother Vijayakanth

DMDK President Vijayakanth
DMDK President Vijayakanth

Actor and DMDK lead Vijaykanth's brother Selvaraj has given an interview to a private channel following the death of the captain.

On the death of Vijayakanth, his younger brother Selvaraj said, "Vijayakanth went to Chennai, struggled, got into the film industry, and made progress. He took good care of us. All of us were happy and proud when the political party started. 

Every year, on the day of our father's death, he would come to his native house in Madurai and put garlands on the picture of his parents. But he hasn't come in the past two years.

When contesting elections, he first came home, bowed to our parents, and left. I saw it four months ago when I went to Chennai to give invitations for my daughter's wedding. He said that he would come if possible, considering his physical condition.

Since he couldn't come, my daughter and son-in-law went to Chennai to visit him. If anyone asks for help, he will run to help them. He worked hard and progressed to Chennai with the desire of film.

He will always embrace the families of our brothers and sisters. I don't know what to do next. His loss is a loss not only to our family but also to his party members and fans," he said through tears.