Siddha Doctor Sharmika: Medical Directorate of India Sent Notice

Siddha Doctoe Sharmika
Siddha Doctoe Sharmika

The Siddha-Ayurvedic doctor Doctor Sharmika is grabbing the headlines with her tips and tricks for a healthy lifestyle. Her posts and videos on social media are receiving a great response. Most youngsters follow her tips to have a healthy body and glowing skin.

When Doctor Sharmika was within reach among the young generation, accusations started pouring on her. Doctor Sharmika was accused of giving wrong medical advice on social media. 

In that way, it is said that she has published controversial comments on social media, such as, if you eat Gulab Jamun, you will gain 3 kg weight and if you eat it. She also said women would get breast cancer if they slept upside down.

In this situation, the Medical Directorate of India has sent a notice asking for an explanation regarding the comments made by Dr Sharmika. It has been directed to submit an explanation within 15 days based on the complaint.

A notice has also been sent to a committee consisting of the Medical Commissioner of India and the Registrar to appear before it and give an explanation.