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Sivagangai: Headmaster Gets 47 Years Imprisonment for Sexual Abuse

Sexual Harassemnet

The headmaster of the school was found guilty of sexually harassing six female students, causing outrage in the community. The Sivaganga court has sentenced him to double life imprisonment.

A primary school is functioning in Kalayarkovil, Sivagangai district, with Murugan as the headmaster, who is 54 years old. In the year 2014, there was a report that Murugan had sexually harassed female students studying in his school. 

Subsequently, following a complaint filed by the female students, the police arrested Headmaster Murugan under ten sections. The trial of this case was being conducted in Sivagangai Pocso Special Court.

On April 23, the case against the headmaster, Murugan, who sexually harassed multiple girls was brought up for hearing again. The presiding Judge Sarathraj ordered that Murugan be sentenced to double life imprisonment and 47 years of rigorous imprisonment, to be served concurrently. Additionally, Murugan was also ordered to pay a fine of Rs 69,000.

In addition, Judge Sarathraj of the Sivagangai Pocso Special Court ordered that the Tamil Nadu government should pay Rs. 29 lakh as relief to the girls.

This headmaster, Murugan, sexually harassed six children studying in the 4th and 5th classes. Out of these 6, only one girl's grandmother bravely went to Sivagangai Women's Station with a complaint. It was only on the basis of the complaint lodged by the grandmother that the investigation was carried out.