Tamil Nadu Election : Special Buses From April 1 To April 7

Special Buses for April 6, Election
Special Buses for April 6, Election

On behalf of the Tamil Nadu Assembly Election, the Tamil Nadu government has made arrangements on Specials buses for the public to go to natives for voting.

The polling day is nearing a week, and so the government of Tamil Nadu had arranged 16,215 special buses for the public to go the natives to vote on April 6, 2021. The special buses are from Chennai, where the population is high and is the place where many job seekers are present.

The increasing Corona in Chennai is expected to double during the election if the public does not follow the safety guides. Even in the special buses, the public will be rushing and pushing to hold the seat where the chances are wide to Corona Spread.

The special buses are sent from April 1 to April 5, where the Polling takes place on April 6, 2021. from Chennai, Coimbatore, Tiruppur, Salem, and Bengaluru to destinations across the State. Before the excitement of going home, it must wear the mask, and get sanitized at regular intervals, and maintain social distancing.