Student Tying Thali To Schoolgirl At Chidambaram Bus Stop, Arrested?

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Representative Image

A video of a polytechnic college student tying a thali to a 12th standard student at Chidambaram bus station in Cuddalore district has gone viral on social media and created a stir. In the viral video, a 12th standard uniform student of a government school comes and sits at the bus stop near the Gandhi statue at Chidambaram bus station. 

A student studying at the Polytechnic College in Keerapalayam sat next to the 12th-standard student. Later, the student tied a Mangalsutra. Some of the student's friends who were standing nearby congratulated her. 

The Chidambaram police, shocked to see the video, caught both students and brought them to the police station. Their parents were also summoned and investigated. In the meantime, a team led by Child Welfare Officer Ramya came to know about this and rushed to investigate the schoolgirl and the student. 

Meanwhile, Balaji Ganesh, who posted a video about this incident in Chidambaram on his Facebook page, has been arrested under the Prevention of Atrocities Act. The police have taken action on the complaint the student's parents lodged. Arrested Balaji Ganesh has been hospitalized due to sudden illness.

This incident became more sensational as it went viral on social media. The students are still unaware of the consequences that will occur due to such activities. The students must be nourished with good knowledge and must be guided properly.

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