Tamil Actor Karthik: Gautham Karthik Father Actor Karthik Hospitalized

Actor Karthik
Actor Karthik

Actor Karthik fell down unexpectedly while exercising at home. He got hurt in the leg and injured. It is said that the well-known actor leg was previously fractured and has done surgery for it.

Actor Karthik is the son of veteran actor R. Muthuraman is among the famous personality in the film industry. He is an actor and a playback singer, and a politician who works mainly in Tamil cinema. After the year 2000, Karthik's acting in films gradually declined. He has acted in only in few films lately in some minor role or in the guest role. But still, the respect that he holds in Tamil Industry will never disappear.

Actor Karthik accidentally fell down while exercising at home after the injury in his leg. He is admitted to a private hospital in Adyar. There he was taken and scanned. A few years ago, he got injured in the same place where he had undergone surgery on his leg, which revealed a small crack in the bone. Following this, the doctors are giving him intensive treatment.

Actor Karthik is currently playing the lead roles in the films Thee Ivan and Andhagan in pre-production. He has many movies in Tamil Industry in lead roles. The roles played by him be unique, and his acting has a separate fans club. None can forget his voice and the tone of his talks. 

In April, actor Karthik was campaigning during the election against doctors' advice, was admitted to hospital due to ill health. At that time few photos of him snapped during the hospitalization was going viral.