Tamil is the mother of all languages - Keezhadi excavation proved it

 Tamil is the mother of all languages - Keezhadi excavation proved it
Tamil is the mother of all languages - Keezhadi excavation proved it

Tamil is the mother of all languages - Keezhadi excavation proved it: Research and excavation are encouraged across the globe and in many states in India, as well. But Tamil Nadu has the history of very poor excavation counts. Since independence, only five projects in the excavation has been reported in Tamil Nadu.

One of the officials from the Archeological Department of India has initiated Keezhadi excavation five years before, but due to lack of support, the process was hindered. Keezhadi was the civilization which was situated in the banks of river Vaigai.

Indus Valley civilization excavation has unearthed certain facts that the civilization was 5000 years old, and people over there migrated to North India.

But Tamil Nadu countered, stating the language is akin to Tamil, but it was denied across the country. For Indus Valley Civilization research, Rs 1000 cr has been spent but for Keezhadi, the budget allocated was Rs 55 lakhs.

As of now, only 10% of the total area is covered but the excavation unearthed 900 artefacts. Human head shapes, pig shapes, pig bones, gold ornaments, earthen pots with the name of the person inscribed were some of the interesting discoveries.

A city was buried is what the feel Keezhadi excavation makes us feel. It is found that 2600 years ago, people were living cultured life with a proper sewage system. People are literates, for they have inscribed their names on the pots. The language is "Tamizhi," which highly resembles Tamil.

Indus Valley Civilization language resembles "Tamizhi" by which we can arrive at a theory that Indus Valley people might be Tamilians, which was denied before. Keezhadi language connects the dots well.

It is equally amazing to see that there is no proof of caste or religion where our ancestors were so balanced in the following religion and did not force religion on anybody.

All these religions and caste issues have been sprouted recently. Cow bones were found, which proved the people of Keezhadi were domesticating cows. Ivory utensils were found, which symbolizes the people were very rich where they were able to buy everything what they need.

There is no spot of any manufacturing involved. Since the people were rich, they bought everything. With this 10% research, a lot has been explored. But the media does not cover anything. Is there any political game behind this? Tamil is the oldest of all languages is clear now.

The central government is so keen in forcing Hindi on everyone, and this hint of information might skew the perception that "Hindi is the oldest language". But to safeguard the pride of our language, these facts should be spoken repeatedly and school curriculum should include Keezhadi challenges.