Tamil Nadu Coronavirus Update: State Infection Totals 23,495 with 1112 New Positive Cases

Tamil Nadu Latest Coronavirus Update
Tamil Nadu Latest Coronavirus Update

Tamilnadu CoronaVirus Latest Report: Chennai: Coronavirus has been deteriorating the world from 2019 December, and the crisis continues in 2020 too. However, India has entered the 5th lock down with more relaxations in the States based on the effect of CoVid-19 on people.

In Tamil Nadu, the second-largest Coronavirus infected State next to Maharashtra; Coronavirus lock down is in place with zone wise relaxations for the public to engage in routine life along with the government.

Likewise, 1112 cases tested positive inside the State as per Monday's report of Directorate of Public Health and Preventive Medicine along with the Health and Family Welfare Department. Also,11 persons died yesterday due to the CoronaViral infection raising the State's total death count to 184 to date.

Similarly, from the consecutive testing of samples, in order to control the CoronaViral infection in persons without rest and reported that the number of persons tested positive to date counted to 23,495.

Amidst the CoVid list hikes to 1162 on yesterday from the testing of Passengers returned from other states by domestic airport tested positive today as one from Haryana. Also, Passengers returned from other states by Road, and Train tested positive today lists as Maharashtra –32, Delhi–10, Karnataka – 3, Andhra Pradesh – 1, Kerala – 1, Uttar Pradesh – 1 and West Bengal - 1.

Similarly,413 patients discharged yesterday with only 10,138 active cases under hospital treatment, including isolation to date. From 72 government and private testing laboratories in Tamil Nadu, persons have been tested to date with 14,798 cases until today only in Chennai city.

However, the State and Central governments fight CoVid in a productive way compared to other parts of the world, the mortality and casualty rate in India due to the novel CoronaVirus increases day by day. More than controlling the spread of CoVid, the Country is undergoing a serious economic crisis due to poverty amid lock down, which knocked the government to consider relaxations over the curfew.