Tamil Nadu Budget 2024: Focus on Education, Employment and Agriculture

Tamil Nadu Budget 2024
Tamil Nadu Budget 2024

Tamil Nadu Budget 2024 was presented by Finance Minister Thangam Thennarasu on February 19, 2024. The budget is focused mainly on the '7 grand Tamil dream.'

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TN Finance Minister presented the state budget for the financial year 2024 to 2025 this Monday. TN government has allocated a considerable budget of Rs. 44,042 crores alone for school education, creating the chances of increasing the literacy rate in the state. The presented budget has also taken initiatives to improve job opportunities. Keep reading to know more about this budget's highlights.

TN Finance Minister Thangam Thennarasu presented the fiscal year 2024 to 2025 budget on February 19, 2024, specifically for Education, Employment, and Infrastructure. The presented budget aims to accomplish the '7 Grand Tamil Dream'.

  • Social justice.
  • The welfare of the marginalized.
  • Transforming Tamil youth as global achievers.
  • Equality focused on women's welfare.
  • Knowledge-based economy.
  • Tamil language and culture promotion.
  • Sustainable future.

The Key Highlights of Tamil Nadu Budget 2024 to 2025

Tamil Language and Culture Promotion

Tamil literature's twin epics, Manimegalai and Silapathikaram, detail the social tenets and cultural traditions. These epics are all set to be translated into more than twenty-five foreign and Indian languages at a budget of Rs. 2 crores. All the efforts will be undertaken, and Tamil literacy scripts will be translated.

Women's Welfare

A cost of Rs. 7,830 crores has been allotted for social welfare and women empowerment. The 'Vidiyal Payana Thittam' aims to offer free bus travel to women. A sum of Rs. 3,050 crores has been allocated as a subsidy for this scheme.

The Moovalur Ramamirdham Ammaiyar Pudhumai Penn Thittam helps promote higher education among girl students from financially disadvantaged sections. Hence, the government has allocated an amount of Rs. 370 crores for implementing this scheme.

Transgender People's Welfare

The government further announced that this scheme would cover almost every educational expense. This includes hostel and tuition fees for transgender people who want to pursue higher studies.

In addition to this, the One-man committee was supervised by the former Justice K Chandru. A few comprehensive suggestions were provided during the committee, such as the administration of Special Homes, Government Observation Homes, and the government set-up called Poonjolai.

The Poonjolai is a model home in Coimbatore with many amenities like a counselling room, a skill training centre, a visiting room, and much more.

Adi Dravidar and Tribal Welfare

An outlay of Rs. 3,706 crores has been allotted to the Adi Dravidar Tribal Welfare Committee. To improve the basic amenities in tribal residencies and for the betterment of their living standards, a new scheme will soon be started at Rs. 1,000 crores.

Water Supply and Municipal Administration

A sum of Rs. 25,858 crores has been allotted to the Water Supply Department and Municipal Administration. The next phase of the Hogenakkal combined water supply scheme will be undertaken at a budget of Rs. 7,890 crores. This scheme is believed to benefit around 40 lakh people across 6,000 rural habitations and 16 town panchayats.

Modernizing Libraries

To upgrade and modernize existing library facilities, the TN government has also allocated Rs. 213 crores to renovate libraries across Tamil Nadu. A Grand Library named after Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi is to be established in Coimbatore District.

Agriculture and Related Sectors

Another exclusive and major announcement that the government has made is for a sum of Rs. 42,282 crores for Agriculture and related departments.

The Agriculture welfare scheme is expected to reduce potential risks involved in Agriculture. This result-oriented scheme has created excitement among Tamil Nadu farmers. This Agriculture budget was proposed by Tamil Nadu Agriculture Minister MRK Panneer Selvam.

TN Archaeological Department

The Finance Minister has also allotted a Rs. 25.65 crore budget for the Tamil Nadu Archaeology Department. It is also said that archaeological exploration will be done in major places outside the state in an attempt to discover ancient Tamil history.

Rural Development

Additionally, Rs. 1,000 crores was allotted for roads in rural areas, and they have also announced that they will build 8 lakh concrete houses by the end of 2030. The government said this scheme will be undertaken to pursue the dream of a hut-free Tamil Nadu.

In conclusion, the debate on the proposed agricultural and general budget will be held in today's (February 21) TN assembly. Both Finance and Agriculture Ministers will answer the above tomorrow (February 22).