Tamil Nadu COVID 19 Update March 26 : Increasing Positive cases

Increasing of COVID 19 cases in Tamil Nadu
Increasing of COVID 19 cases in Tamil Nadu

The gradual increase of the corona Virus has made the public panic, but still, many are not wearing mask even if the Government restricts. The peaking of Corona indicates the second wave of Corona, which is said to be more rapid.

52 Medical students in a private college in Kanchipuram are tested positive. The number of new cases is 40 yesterday, and 52 students are tested positive as a whole. The students are under the treatment where 12 students are sent home already, and the 40 students are being treated in the government maintenance center, said the college's senior official.

The count of positive cases is adding day by day, and the overall new cases till yesterday in Tamil Nadu as per the report is 1,779 cases. Chengalpattu (162), Chennai (664), Coimbatore (153), Thanjavur (108), Thiruvallur (89), and Thiruvarur (52).

The total number of death counts of yesterday who died due to Covid 19 is 11 in Tamil Nadu. It is a must to wear the mask in public places and to maintain social distancing and get sanitized. There is no need to panic when followed the Government's advice and getting vaccinated.