Tamil Nadu Coronavirus Cases reports daily 2000 counts, will it reduce from Lockdown?

Tamil Nadu Coronavirus Cases. Police inspection in Chennai. Photo Credit AS.
Tamil Nadu Coronavirus Cases. Police inspection in Chennai. Photo Credit AS.

Tamil Nadu Coronavirus as on June 19: Coronavirus spread in India, and Tamil Nadu seems to not slow down even after 75 days of lockdown. While India is fast reaching the 4 lakh mark with 13,856 new cases in the last 24 hours, Tamil Nadu recorded 2,115 cases. And the most worrying part is in the rapid rise of the death toll at 12,573 in India and 666 in Tamil Nadu. Also, Delhi recorded more than 3,000 cases to take its tally past the 50,000 cases. With today's 66 deaths, the total death toll in Delhi goes up to 2,035 in the national capital, which is worrisome for the people.

Coronavirus in Tamil Nadu

After peaking to a new high on June 18, the number of cases remains above 2000 and the death above 40. Though the number of cases in Chennai remains steady around 1,300, the number of cases continues to increase in the other districts. It may be due to the people leaving Chennai and reaching these districts.

But if proper care is not taken, these people may fast spread the infection to others to make these districts also like Chennai shortly. While Chennai recorded 1,322 cases and the neighboring three districts, all under lockdown also saw the usual number of increase in cases. But it was the remaining districts that contributed 793 cases yesterday. 

Alarming rise in the number of cases in other districts

If it was Ranipet, Toothukudi, and other three districts that saw a spike in the last two days, yesterday, the following districts saw a spurt in cases. Vellore - 103, Madurai - 58, Coimbatore - 29, Dindigul - 21, Ramanathapuram - 21, Tiruvannamalai - 37, Villupuram - 31, Toothukudi - 26.

Number of infected cases rising due to the number of tests

The government strongly believes that only due to the increase in the name of tests, the cases increase in India and Tamil Nadu. But with nearly five months or 150 days have gone by from coronavirus to infect people in India. Most of India is still in lockdown 5.0 for more than 75 days.

And now with unlocking -1, they are all out to seek their livelihood. If the tests are increased only now, and nearly 10 % of the tested cases continue to remain positive, the number of infected cases will keep on increasing in the future. And with many asymptomatic people, free roaming around will only further increase in the infection cases.

Though testing for all people in India being impossible, where is this rise in testing now and the continuous rise in infection cases going to end, is the worry of the people in India.