Tamil Nadu Coronavirus Update July 31st: 6426 Positive and 5927 Discharged

Minister Vijayabasker offers Health Drink to Karur panchayat staff
Minister Vijayabasker offers Health Drink to Karur panchayat staff

Coronavirus infections reduce, and deaths increase in Tamil Nadu - COVID July 31 update: If June was worse, July was the worst due to COVID 19 in India. Tamil Nadu saw cases rising from 3,000 to nearly 7,000 and deaths from 30 to nearly 100. But yesterday and today, the number of new infections reduced below 6,000 levels, but the deaths were the same at the high of 97.

And the worst part is many districts are reporting more deaths of 76 with Chennai only 21 today. The only favorable fact is the discharge numbers of 5,778 today to take the total tally to 1,83,956 being saved from COVID 19.

COVID 19 in India

India reported the highest number of cases of 55,747 cases today to take the total to 16,38,871. With 779 deaths, the total death tally is now 35,747 to take India to the fifth position in the list of countries with the highest number of COVID 19 deaths. From 5,85,000 cases on July 1, more than 10 lakh cases were added in this month alone.

India overtook Russia to come to third place on July 8 by crossing 7 lakh cases. Russia has in July increased only one lakh to have around eight lakh infections currently. But India in the same period had more than 8 lakhs cases which is more than double the infection cases.

With a high number of new cases every day, the Indian seven-day moving average is higher than that of the first two countries. India has nearly 4 %, while the US has 1.7 and Brazil 2.4 %. Experts confirm if the same rate continues in India, it will overtake both the countries to become the number one worst-hit country by COVID 19 in less than two months.

COVID 19 in Tamil Nadu

While people can have a sigh of relief with the number of new cases reducing, the deaths increases are causing worry. Chennai has only 1,013 cases, even with continuing of more than 10,000 tests. The other four major cities did not report much rise in the cases with Coimbatore - 169, Madurai -173, Salem- 123, and Tiruchy -133.

The south districts and the adjacent districts to Chennai are only continually rising in new infections. The three adjacent districts today had Chengalpattu- 334, Kancheepuram- 485, and Tiruvallur - 373. The other districts with a steep rise in new cases include

  • Ranipet - 359
  • Theni - 299
  • Toothukudi - 284
  • Tiruvallur - 222
  • Virudunagar - 357

Nearly ten other districts are reporting more than 100 new cases. Also, from tomorrow, there are going to be additional relaxations coming into effect in Tamil Nadu. But experts confirm that without buses, the relaxations will not much benefit the people.

Hence it is for the people to be safe to reduce the new cases in districts to make the government make the buses run at least from Independence Day to bring back the freedom lost due to the deadly virus for more than four months.