Tamil Nadu CoVid latest Update-19 more died within a night in Chennai.

Tamil Nadu CoVid latest Update
Tamil Nadu CoVid latest Update

The unending CoVid fight takes life every day with rise in case count and death rate in Tamil Nadu. As of yesterday's report by the Directorate of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, 79 people died due to the unworthiness of CoVid treatment in Tamil Nadu. In which, 36 people who lost breathe are from Chennai counting the total number to 1376 with the State's death rate marking as 2315.

With 47,728 active cases till today in Tamil Nadu, Chennai gradually decreases in the doubling rate mainly because of the increased number of testing centres in every corner of Chennai Corporation. 

On the other hand, unpleasant hearing the CoronaVirus count rate hikes in other cities of Tamil Nadu apart from Chennai with 4538 positive cases including travel histories as of yesterday.

Moreover, from yesterday night to today morning, 19 more people in Chennai died as the treatment was ineffective other than the report issued by the Public Health Department with 79 death rate on Friday.

Despite all, 4 Sundays of July month has been announced to be in lockdown by the Tamil Nadu government. As the people are yet to start their third Sunday curfew, crowds are being uncontrollable in public places such as grocery and meat stalls for procurement.

Likewise, police suffer a lot in Cuddalore Fish Harbour to control the mass roaming to buy and sell fishes without maintaining social distancing today. If this state persists, undoubtedly, the CoVid count never comes down to restart the normal curfew free life.

Dr.Jayshree Sharma opens up about the death rate in Tamil Nadu due to the CoVid and claims that Covaxin vaccine will start to cure within December or January as the trial phase in humans began successfully and awaits for the interim results.

Pune Institute of Virology and Bharat Biotech untiredly works with ICMR in the development of a positive vaccine to cure the deadly contagion. However, the Chennai count decreased mainly due to the oxygen beds and pulse oximeters which is less in other cities comparatively.