Tamil Nadu cross 3.5 lakh infections of COVID-19

Viralimalai GH Covid19 Ward.
Viralimalai GH Covid19 Ward.

India becomes third fastest in COVID 19 deaths worldwide with the continuous rise in both new infections and deaths. More than 10,000 people are dead in the last ten days compared to the 86 days taken for the first 10,000 deaths.

Tamil Nadu continues its 13th day with near to 6,000 cases to take the total tally beyond the 3.5 lakh mark. The deaths that crossed 6,000 yesterday added another 116 today. Coimbatore has reported a high number of deaths equal to Chennai.

TASMAC sales crossed 33.5 crores after opening the shops yesterday. SP Balasubramaniam continues to be critical due to COVID 19 with now under ECMO treatment.

COVID 19 in India

For the past 15 days, India reports the most number of positive cases in the world. Also, it has overtaken Britain to come to the third position to have more deaths only next to the US and Brazil.

Today August 19 also there are 64,531 new cases reported to take the total tally to 27,67,273. The deaths continue to rise with 1,092 today to take the total deaths to 52,889.

The only good news is that the persons discharged crossed the 20 lakh mark with only 7 + lakhs under COVID 19 treatment in India.

COVID 19 in Tamil Nadu

In Tamil Nadu also the number of discharged people is nearing three lakhs of the total 3,55,449 positive cases. It includes today's new infections of 5,795 new cases and 6,384 discharged people.

Also, the total number of PCR samples tested so far is fast, reaching the 40 lakh mark to be highest in the country. With today's 67,720 tests, the total tests tally becomes 39,13,523.

Health minister says that the number of deaths due to COVID 19 is mainly due to the comorbid conditions and only 10 % of the total deaths are without comorbid conditions.

COVID 19 in Chennai

With more than 1.25 lakh people getting e-pass from August 1 to 18 and have come to Chennai, the number of new cases has increased now. For the past six days, it is above 1,000 after being below 1,000 for the previous week.

Today also 1,186 new cases and 16 deaths reported in Chennai. And with a lot of people coming into Chennai and more than the 700 TASMAC shops open now, what will be the future situation no one knows.

COVID 19 in Tamil Nadu districts

Coimbatore, Cuddalore and the Chennai adjacent districts are continuously reporting a high number of new cases in the last few days. Coimbatore once again reported 394 new cases and 16 deaths that is equal to that of Chennai.

Cuddalore reports 238 new infections with five deaths. Salem is also continuing its rise with 295 cases no deaths reported. In contrast, Madurai reported only 109 infections and two deaths and Tiruchy 99 new infections and no deaths.

The three adjacent districts of Chennai are not decreasing in the number of new cases or deaths. It includes Chengalpattu - 315 and 4 deaths, Kancheepuram - 257 and 3 deaths and Tiruvallur - 393 and 9 deaths.

The other districts that reported a rise in infections include

  1. Theni - 288
  2. Virudunagar - 184
  3. Vellore - 175
  4. Tirunelveli - 151
  5. Ranipet - 146
  6. Kanyakumari - 122
  7. Tiruvarur - 120
  8. Thanjavur - 114
  9. Dindigul - 111
  10. Pudukottai - 105