Tamil Nadu deaths exceed 5,000 and positive cases cross three lakhs

Minister Thangamani with Namakkal Collector at Covid Meeting
Minister Thangamani with Namakkal Collector at Covid Meeting

Tamil Nadu deaths exceed 5,000, and positive cases cross three lakhs due to COVID - 19 - August 11 update: India for the seventh day in a row reports more positive cases than the US and Brazil to cross the 22 lakh mark yesterday, August 10. In Tamil Nadu today the total positive cases crossed the 3 lakh mark, and also the deaths crossed 5,000.

Again it is the districts to report nearly 5,000 cases for the third consecutive day. Former president Pranab Mukherjee is said to be in serious condition under ventilation support after removal of brain tumour and with testing positive to COVID 19.

The Tamil Nadu chief minister along with seven other CMs are meeting the prime minister to decide on transport, education institutions and other issues related to Covid 19. 

COVID 19 in India

On Monday, August 10, India reported 62,064 cases to take the total tally to 22,15,074. The deaths for the second day are above 1000 at 1007 to take the death tally to 44,836. India, with this number of deaths, accounts for 21 % of the total global deaths and the 29 % new cases reported worldwide on Sunday.

In the last 24 days, it added 12 lakh cases on an average of 50,000 cases daily. It is in the worst position of having the highest new infections worldwide in August with a count now at nearly six lakhs.

COVID 19 in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu reported 5,914 cases yesterday to take the total tally to 3,02,815. The deaths were also high at 114 to take the total deaths to 5,041. Again Chennai continues with below 1,000 infections of only 976 cases. Also, the active cases in Chennai are fast reducing to go below the 10,000 marks soon.

The low number of cases in Chennai is even after more than 10,000 PCR tests in the total 67,153 samples tested in Tamil Nadu yesterday. While the rise of deaths above 5,000, which is more than 11 % of India's deaths is alarming, only 53,099 active cases of the total of more than 3 lakh positive cases give some reprieve.

COVID 19 in Tamil Nadu districts

Again 4,938 positive cases are reported from the other districts. Also, the 89 deaths reported through reducing from the last two days is a cause of continuous worry for the people and the government. It is what is stopping the public transport, not able to abolish the e-pass system and many other difficulties.

The three neighboring districts to Chennai are the most affected yesterday also. It includes Chengalpattu - 483 and 5 deaths, Kancheepuram - 310 and 3 deaths, and Tiruvallur - 399 and 4 deaths. Though Chennai has gone below half of its peak infections, these three districts are not that much reduced in the new cases or deaths.

It is even after many parts of these three districts were also under intense lockdown along with Chennai for more than 15 days. 

The second-tier cities reported average infections and deaths yesterday except for Coimbatore, which added 292 infections and seven deaths. But the other three were as per the previous day levels of Madurai - 100 and 5 deaths, Salem - 128 and 4 deaths and Trichy - 56 and 2 deaths. The other districts with an increase in infections and deaths include

  • Cuddalore - 287 and 1 death
  • Kanyakumari - 205 and 7 deaths 
  • Vellore - 189 and 5 deaths 
  • Virudunagar - 189 and 5 deaths
  • Dindigul - 174 and 4 deaths

With India only rising in infections in the last few days even above the two countries which are in the top two positions of worst-hit countries by COVID 19, the situation is pathetic. Russia is planning to register the first COVID 19 vaccine in October and also start administering it for its citizens.

Only such a vaccine is the only hope for India now. Also, today's meeting of CMs including the Tamil Nadu chief minister with the prime minister, will bring what all relaxations will be known soon.