Removing the E-pass system may end up in a swift spread, Minister Vijayabaskar

Plasma Bank in Coimbatore.
Plasma Bank in Coimbatore.

Centre's directives asked the state government to revoke E-pass. There will be no restrictions to swap goods or services from state to state and let people for inter and intra-state travel.

Due to coronavirus pandemic center government restricted people to travel unnecessarily. It requires E-pass in case of medical emergencies, marriage, or condolences. But last Saturday (Aug 22) centre's directives removed E-pass systems and allowed people to travel across states.

In the circular home secretary, Ajay Bhalla said," From Monday (Aug 24), no separate permission or approval will be needed to exchange goods and services. The restrictions may affect the supply chain and hold up economic activities."

Puducherry government discontinued the E-pass system after the centre's circular to Chief Secretaries of states. Even so, it is congress's state unit, the government obeyed the order. The immediate decision of Puducherry set pressure on Tamil Nadu to finalize their decision.

To avoid fraudulent and unnecessary travels, TN believes e-pass is essential nowadays. It also assumes keeping count on travels could help to know the source of the outbreak. Since last Monday, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi Palaniswami slackened the limitations on travels and issued passes on immediate requests.

From August 17, Tamil Nadu government approved E-pass instantly. Near five lakhs e-passes were approved last week. "Removing the E-pass system may end up in a swift spread" says Tamilnadu Health Minister C. Vijayabaskar.

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