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No Summer Rain for Tamil Nadu: Free ORS And Water Supply Across State

Tamil Nadu Weather

The Tamil Nadu government is urging citizens to take precautions against the scorching summer heat that has already started to increase in the state. Last year was considered the hottest year in history and this year, due to El Nino, a weather change that occurs in the Pacific Ocean, the heat levels have already started to rise in the interior districts. 

No Summer Rain In Tamil Nadu:

Unfortunately, there is no possibility of summer rain in the coming days, which means the maximum temperature may reach up to 107 degrees Fahrenheit in a few places in the interior districts of North Tamil Nadu and 102 degrees Fahrenheit in other districts of Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and Karaikal.

Meteorological Department Notice:

Due to this, the Indian Meteorological Department has issued a dire warning that the maximum temperature will be recorded for four days from May 1 to May 4, with extreme heat waves blowing across Tamil Nadu. Doctors have advised people not to go out unnecessarily during the day during this time.

The Tamil Nadu government is taking necessary measures to protect the public from the effects of heat. The Department of Municipal Administration, Directorate of Municipalities, Rural Development Department, and Health Department have been instructed to take appropriate action.

ORS And Water Supply:

In order to prevent dehydration, the Health Department is providing ORS solution and drinking water in places where people assemble a lot.