Coronavirus in Tamil Nadu: Tamil Nadu is Free From Coronavirus, Confirms Health Minister

Health Minister of Tamil Nadu C Vijayabaskar Says Tamil Nadu is Coronavirus Free
Health Minister of Tamil Nadu C Vijayabaskar Says Tamil Nadu is Coronavirus Free

Health Minister Dr. C. Vijayabaskar proudly tweets today March 11 morning that all samples test negative and Tamil Nadu is Coronavirus free state now. It is after the Kanchipuram man who landed in TN from Oman infected with Coronavirus has gone home well now.

Also, the samples from those who were in contact with him in Tamil Nadu were now confirmed negative. Also, with no further coronavirus infection reported, now Tamil Nadu is one among the coronavirus-free states in India. 

Coronavirus has claimed more than 4000 lives worldwide and infected more than 1,10,000. In India for the past one week, the Coronavirus affected victim rise steadily. Now it stands at 62, but luckily there is no death due to it in India so far.

But an Indian origin in his 80s had died in the UK yesterday. All the 62 and those who were in close contact with them are now being hospitalized, and home quarantined. Many samples are awaiting the test results, and it could add to the tally of infected persons.

Yesterday alone, 18 new coronavirus cases were reported. They include eight from Kerala, five from Maharashtra, four from Karnataka, and one in J&K.

Kerala is under the high threat of a potential outbreak. It is because they have the maximum number of Covid-19 affected cases in India. Schools, colleges, and theaters remain closed from today until the end of this month.

All public and private functions and programs are now stands canceled in Kerala. Though there are huge losses due to such steps, it becomes essential for controlling the spread of Coronavirus.

The first state to be affected by Coronavirus in India is also Kerala only. Two cases of Coronavirus affected persons from Wuhan were cured and went home safe more than a month ago. Remaining Coronavirus free for a month even after other states being affected, Kerala is the most affected now.

Hence Tamil Nadu government also should be well prepared for the Coronavirus as it could attack back anytime to spread rapidly and cause extensive damage to life and property.