Tamil Nadu Local Body Election: Politicians View on Court Order

Tamil Nadu Local Body Election: Politicians View on Court Order
Tamil Nadu Local Body Election: Politicians View on Court Order

Tamil Nadu politicians on the Supreme Court order to conduct local body elections apart from 9 bifurcated districts: Today 6 December, the Supreme Court surpassed the state election commission's announcement for elections even in the districts which were bifurcated. It said that the Tamil Nadu government delayed in bifurcating the districts and announcing the elections without complying with the formalities. 

It gave the Tamil Nadu government a choice to postpone the polls in the nine districts or keeps the bifurcation process pending. The state government took the first option of postponing the elections in the nine districts. Now the local body elections are to be conducted only for the rural local bodies except these nine bifurcated districts.

Many politicians expressed their opinion on the supreme court order today like:

Vaiko MP and the leader of the MDMK said

  • AIADMK does not have the genuine intention to carry out the local body elections
  • Why did the AIADMK government rush to bifurcate the states?
  • Why did the elections announce without proper compliance with the formalities for bifurcation?
  • Continuous chaos and confusion by the government in conducting the local body polls
  • The DMK's accusation of this government is not willing to conduct local body elections fairly is true now

Congress Tamil Nadu state president Alagiri

  • It is not correct to say anything against the supreme court order
  • In my view, the supreme court could have exercised more care in the order
  • Even when the parliamentary polls are conducted in a single day, only the rural body elections without the urban local body elections are conducted in two days
  • It is only to misuse the government machinery and their ruling power to win the elections

Vanathi Srinivasan, BJP Tamil Nadu Secretary

  • There is no appeal against the supreme court order 
  • All political parties have to be ready for it and BJP is getting ready for it
  • BJP wants the local body polls under any circumstances

C. K. Tamilarasan, president Republican Party of India party

  • The order is as per the wish of AIADMK to not conduct in the nine bifurcated districts
  • It is also as per the wish of the DMK which did not want the election in its petition in the supreme court