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Tamil Nadu Lock down After Election?

Extended lockdown in Tamil Nadu

Corona Virus is chasing behind the sheets of life among the people. The virus is getting more robust with a wide range of spread, but there comes nothing to panic about if vaccinated.

The gradual increase of Coronavirus has disturbed the peace among the public in Tamil Nadu, where are people are already busy with the festival of Assembly Election 2021.

There hears a rumor among the state about the lockdown after the Election. As the health secretary, Radhakrishnan, says, ' Don't believe the rumors.' It is not announced officially regarding the curfew.

Maharastra is under lockdown just because the count of positive is drastically increasing with many deaths. 

But that's not the case in Tamil Nadu; as the government has accelerated the vaccination process and made following the instructions mandatory, the spread is under control.

The lockdown is extended until April 30, 2021, with the same rules and restrictions, says the government. The complete lockdown cannot be implied, considering the livelihood of the people and the busy schedule of the Election.

Even after the election date, it is impossible to put the curfew as the other four states are also with the same schedule, and the counting will be done for all the five stated on the same day.

If the Election is released announced on May 2, then the elected Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu can initiate further talks and restrictions about the Covid 19 and lockdown.

And as of now, there will no lockdown until it is announced officially by the government. The vaccination process speeds up, and people are getting vaccinated without scarcity.

As per the government rule, it must wear the mask and maintain social distancing to avoid the spread and stop the second wave of Covid 19.