Tamil Nadu Lockdown: New Restrictions From May 6

Tamil Nadu tightening the restrictions for COVID 19
Tamil Nadu tightening the restrictions for COVID 19

Tamil Nadu is heading for a change in state by the new ruling party. Stalin has initiated his talks regarding the increasing Covid Cases in Tamil Nadu, and the government has imposed the most necessary restrictions to control the spread in the city.

Tamil Nadu has been recorded with 20,962 positive cases in the last 24 hours, with a death count of 122 in a day. The cases are high at Chennai, Chengalpattu, Erode, Salem, Thiruvallur, and Coimbatore.

The state government directed few restrictions in the state, which are to be imposed from May 6, 2021, to May 20, 2021. These restrictions will tighten the earlier regulations with minor alterations. 

Restrictions from May 6 to May 14 In Tamil Nadu

  • Private companies are allowed to function with a maximum of 50% of employees.
  • Taxis, metro trains, government and private buses will be accessed with 50% of passengers.
  • Air-conditioned stores and supermarkets are not permitted to function.k
  • Only 50% of customers are allowed in grocery stores. In addition, the grocery shops will be functioning only till noon.
  • No restrictions will put forward for medical shops and milk suppliers.
  • Only takeaway services are allowed in hotels and restaurants.
  • Tea Stalls will be functioning till 12 noon, and no seatings will be allowed.
  • Meat stalls and fish markets will be open only on weekdays between noon.
  • As said earlier, Theaters and malls will be closed.
  • No social, political, sports, educational, and cultural events will be conducted in indoor auditoriums.
  • Only 20 members are allowed in funerals and rituals, whereas earlier, 25 members were allowed.
  • Beauty parlors and spas have already been prohibited in corporations and municipalities. Now, they will not be allowed in Containment zones of the rural areas.

These new restrictions will be implemented from Thursday across the state. Punishment will be stern for those who don't follow the rules and regulations. The control of the second wave of COVID 19 is so challenging as the cases increase in many cities of Tamil Nadu.

These new restrictions might control the increasing case will the reduction of spread. It is mandatory to follow the government's rules, and wearing a mask and maintaining social distance is a key for safety in this pandemic.