Tamil Nadu Night Curfew and The List of Restrictions

Tamil Nadu is to follow night curfew and Sunday complete lockdown
Tamil Nadu is to follow night curfew and Sunday complete lockdown

Tamil Nadu is set to follow night curfew and Sunday lockdown from April 20. Due to the rise of COVID 19, the Tamil Nadu government has imposed new restrictions to be charged.

The COVID cases on Sunday in Tamil Nadu peaked by exceeding 10,000. This made the public panic, and the government was in a situation to implement the rules.

Tamil Nadu will follow the Night Curfew and Sunday curfew from Tuesday, April 20. The following are the new restrictions that are to be followed strictly until the other conditions are announced.

  • Public and private transport services, taxis, autos, cabs, including personal vehicles, will not be permitted during the night curfew.
  • Inter-state and Intrastate passing of vehicles will not be allowed.
  • Vehicles will not be permitted for medical emergencies. Auto and cabs will be allowed to reach airports and railway stations during the night curfew.
  • Distribution of essentials like milk, newspapers, and services like hospitals, cabs, pharmacies, ambulance, commercial goods, petroleum, and LPG will be allowed.
  • The work Process will be continued at night curfew for manufacturers of those who supply essential goods. 
  • IT companies and software are asked 50% of employees to do work from home.
  • Employees who work night shifts can use their personal vehicles during night curfew, but it is mandatory to have Idenfdity cars provided by the company or industry.
  • Journalists and press can work freely with no restrictions, even during night curfew and on Sundays.
  • During the Sunday curfew, meat shops, fish markets, grocery shops, theatres, malls, and commercial shops will be closed.
  • Restaurants and hotels will be permitted only takeaways between 6 am to 10 are and at noon 3 pm to 6 pm and 9 pm.
  • Online food deliverers like Zomato and Swiggy will be following the above norms by maintaining the given schedule.
  • As already said, only 100 members are allowed for marriage ceremonies, and only 50 members are permitted for funerals.
  • Board exams for standard 12 have been postponed where the practical exams will be conducted as scheduled.
  • All tourist spots like Nilgiris, Kodaikanal, Yercaud are strictly under restrictions. No tourists are allowed to enter.
  • Beaches, parks, zoos, museums will be strictly closed for the public on all days.
  • All retail outlets and showrooms, restaurants will be allowed to function with 50% capacity till 9 pm.

Necessary action will be taken officially if the public does not follow the implemented restrictions.