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Tamil Nadu Police-Transport Tensions Arise Over Viral Video

Tamil Nadu Bus

The ongoing conflict between the transport department and the Police Department in Tamil Nadu has been escalating due to a recent incident involving a police constable, M Arumugapandi, whose video went viral on social media.

In the video, the constable is seen engaging in a heated argument with a bus conductor after being asked to get a ticket despite being in police uniform.

The viral video prompted the transport department to issue a notification, clarifying that police officers are not permitted to travel free of charge in government buses unless they possess a warrant. This led to significant tension and conflict between the police and the transportation department.

In response to this incident, traffic police have taken action by imposing fines on government buses for parking in no-parking zones in the Tambaram area. Similar penalties were also enforced in Kalampakkam. Additionally, over the past two days, police have been issuing fines for infractions such as not wearing uniforms and seat belts at various locations across the state.

The conflict between the police and the transport department has led to further incidents, including an argument between a conductor and the police at Chengalpattu. The situation remains tense as both departments navigate the fallout from the recent events.