Tamil Nadu Rains: Vegetables Price Increased Due To Heavy Rain

Vegetable Market
Vegetable Market

Vegetable prices are hiked in Nellai following heavy rain and flood. The vendors are in a pathetic situation since there are no customers.

Due to heavy rain, the prices of vegetables and fruit have increased in Nellai and its surroundings. It is said that since there was no proper transportation due to the flood, the drivers took a longer route than usual, so the price of vegetables has increased.

As such, the supply of vegetables, including tomatoes, onions, and drumsticks, has decreased, and the selling price has increased.

All the vegetable prices have doubled in Nellai. Tomatoes and the raw banana supply for Tirunelveli will be from Thoothukudi, but all the banana plants vanished in the heavy rain. Hyacinth beans (Avarai) and Tomatoes, sold for Rs. 30, are now sold for 60. The vendors are facing loss as there are no customers due to rain.