Tamil Nadu School Opening And The Consultations On 16th July

School children
School children

The increase of COVID 19 in the early months shuts the door of schools and colleges. The schools and colleges in Tamil Nadu were closed in the month of March 2020, during the first wave of covid 19.

Although the cases were not high, the lockdown was proposed as a precautionary method, but it was too late since the corona has already spread across the state. The schools and colleges were shut, and therefore the virus didn't hit the students maximum.

The students enjoyed the complete lockdown, but the online classes made them tired. Many physical problems hit the student during the online classes, which didn't seem so healthy. At the same time, students started to spend more time on the phone, where most of the parents brought individual phones to their children.

Students started to use online games and other and other applications which were unrelated to their age groups. After a considerable break, the schools were opened, and that gave rise to the second wave of coronavirus.

Students met their friends and teachers after an extended leave, and their togetherness left the space for the spread of the virus beyond the precautionary measures.

The covid protocols were clearly followed, but the infection spread was still fast, which infected the student and the teachers and the family and neighbouring circle. The students were infected maximum in Thanjavur, Thiruvallur, Erode and Salem districts. 

And then, the online classes again came into action, and the students started to adapt to it. The students faced many inconveniences at the same time; many abusers who sexually harassed the students during the online classes were spotted under lights. 

Now the school is yet to reopen again as the cases are declining on a daily basis. And the government is assuring the maximum safety and orders to follow the Covid Protocols strictly. And the meetings regarding this necessity is yet to be discussed today in the presence of Anbil Mahesh Poyyamozhi, Minister for School Education in Tamil Nadu.

Puducherry Chief Minister Rangasamy had announced that schools and colleges would be reopened on July 16 as schools and colleges were closed due to the second wave of the corona. On the other hand, Tamil Nadu School Education Minister Anbil Mahesh Poyyamozhi told reporters in Trichy yesterday (13.07.2021) that consultation meetings are being held to open a school in Tamil Nadu.

The Secretary of Education is scheduled to consult with the Principal Education Officers on July 16 regarding opening schools in Tamil Nadu. Commissioner Nandakumar and the Director of School Education are also participating in the consultation, which School Education Secretary Kakarla Ushan will chair.

Preparations for the opening of schools, student admission and the provision of free textbooks and laptops are to be discussed at this meeting. It has been reported that the meeting will also discuss the re-enrollment of drop-out students, granting special literacy and accreditation.

The details on re-enrollment of drop-out students are set to be discussed at a meeting on July 16, chaired by school education secretary Gakarla Usha, as the number of drop-out students is expected to increase as schools reopen after the Corona Pandemic.