Tamilnadu CoronaVirus Latest Report, 710 new corona cases and 12 deaths

Covid19 Survivor Inspector of Police Ramasamy, speaks to public
Covid19 Survivor Inspector of Police Ramasamy, speaks to public

Tamilnadu CoronaVirus Latest Report: CoronaVirus pandemic increases day by day in India and Tamilnadu holds second place following Maharashtra. With 42 government labs and 28 private labs, Tamilnadu screens CoronaVirus on a daily basis in order to control the communal spread.

As per the daily report on Public Health measures taken for CoVid-19 by the Directorate of Public Health and Preventive Medicine and Health and Family Welfare Department, Government of Tamil Nadu detected that 710 persons tested positive today.

To be specific, Passengers returned from other states by domestic airport tested positive today state wise lists as Delhi - 1, Karnataka - 1 and Haryana - 2. Likewise, Passengers returned from other states tested positive today Maharashtra - 74, Kerala - 1, Telangana - 1, Andhra Pradesh - 2, Bihar - 2, Jharkhand - 1, Odisha - 2, Rajasthan - 1, Karnataka - 20, Gujarat - 1 and Punjab- 8 grossing the total count to 827 today alone, increasing the total positive till date to 19,372.

Overall, 494 male affected today, increasing the total count to 12,219 and 333 females tested positive, hiking the number to 7148 till date inside the State. Similarly, 639 patients discharged today with a total discharge count of 10,542 till date.

From the 4,34,625 persons tested till date, 12 deaths occurred today hiking the mortality rate to 145 to date. Though the number gradually hikes day by day on one side threatening life, the economic depression is another contagion killing the lives of many people due to poverty due to lockdown.

Apparently, the 4th lockdown in India is gonna end soon within 3 days and people are in high expectation to lead back to normal life with a fear of hunger and poverty more than CoronaVirus.

However, Tamilnadu is in a risky state next to Maharashtra in overcoming the curfew but some restricted relaxations will undoubtedly help the needy people to survive amidst lockdown.

Despite all,70 labs both government and private are vigorously kindling the hidden cases of CoVid-19 inside Tamilnadu along with deep Vaccine development protocols in order to break the global pandemic chain.