Tamilnadu CoronaVirus Update: A Day Before Lockdown Ends

Tamilnadu CoronaVirus Update: A Day Before Lockdown Ends
Tamilnadu CoronaVirus Update: A Day Before Lockdown Ends

From March to May, Lockdown seems unending in the States of India due to the increasing number of CoVid victims. In a statement issued yesterday by the Tamil Nadu Health Department said that the Corona dispersal is being regulated in Tamil Nadu as a proper measure.

Nevertheless, new influences are coming from outsiders (Other State and Red Zone Districts). The number of victims in Tamil Nadu is approaching 10,000. 447 people have been infected with coronavirus in Tamil Nadu overnight.

As a result, the number of people infected with the coronavirus increased to 9674. As a result, a further 434 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed now, which increased the total to 10,108.

In Chennai alone, 309 people have been infected in the last one day. The number of confirmed corona cases in Chennai has soared to 5947. Five more people died today. With this, the number of casualties so far has risen to 71.

Meanwhile, 22 people who returned to the Tirunelveli district from Mumbai city have been tested positive. The respective victims are undergoing isolation treatment in the Tirunelveli Government Hospital.

Overall, 114 people were confirmed with CoronaVirus in the district yesterday. Also, at the Gangaikondan checkpoint, 370 persons from the state of Maharashtra, Mumbai, have been sent for medical examination regarding the contraction of CoVid. Of these, 14 were tested positive in the Gangaikondan toll.

Similarly, more than 18 people from Mumbai were checked at a checkpoint in Thirukurungudi. Four people from East Kallikulam of the same family have been confirmed with coronavirus infection.

More than 15 persons from Mumbai were tested in the Ukkirankottai area and 4 people were further contracted to the disease. As a result, the number of people affected by a coronavirus in the Nellai district has increased from 114 to 136.

Apart from the Nellai district, two people, a woman and a seven-year-old boy have been contracted to CoVid in the Alangulam region of Tenkasi district. The number of victims of coronavirus in the Tenkasi district has increased to 56, including the two currently affected.

Several serious measures have been continuously taken by the Health Department of Tamilnadu to identify the CoVid victims via contact tracing and medical checkups. However, the lockdown is going to end in India within a day and people are crossing their fingers for the words of Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the Janata curfew.