Teacher Sexually Harassed 10 School Girls In Villupuram

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A teacher working in the Panchayat Union Middle School sexually harassed schoolgirls studying in classes 3 and 4 in Villupuram.

It has come under the notice of the District Children's Office received information that a teacher working at Panchayat Union Middle School functions in the Wakur village of Vikravandi Taluk of Viluppuram District was sexually harassing girls in the school.

After noticing this, Napoleon, the Probation Officer of the District Child Protection Office, and Stella Mary, a Children's Royal Assistance Unit employee, went directly to the school to confirm the complaint. 

Following this, the headmaster and teachers of the school were interrogated. Later, the child protection team called the students from class 1 to class 8 and demonstrated good and bad touch. At that time, two students studying in classes 3 and 4 said that their class teacher, Karunakaran, was involved in touching them in a bad manner.

When they were called separately and asked about the incident, seven more girls studying in the 3rd class and four more girls studying in the 4th class said that the teacher Karunakaran was involved in touching them. 

After this, when the teacher Karunakaran was interrogated, it was revealed that he had been sexually harassing the schoolgirls for four months and was now dismissed from the school.

Following this, Child Welfare Office Probation Officer Napoleon filed a complaint at Villupuram All Women Police Station. Based on the complaint, Karunakaran (32) from Thoraviraman Kovil Street near Vikravandi was arrested and imprisoned under the POCSO Act.