The first Madurai police officer die of Covid 19

The first Madurai police officer die of Covid 19
The first Madurai police officer die of Covid 19

While India crosses for the first time 40,000 coronavirus infected 19 cases on July 19, an SSI in Madurai dies due to COVID 19 today, July 20. He becomes the first police officer to die of COVID 19 in Madurai. It was Mambalam inspector Murali in Chennai who was the first police officer in Tamil Nadu to die of COVID 19 on June 18.

Two collectors, four ministers, one former minister, and 13 MLAs with one dead are the public figures affected by COVID 19 in Tamil Nadu. It also saw a new level of infections yesterday, with nearly 5,000 cases reported. And the worrying factor is that the number of instances in cities like Chennai, Mumbai has been reduced to a bare minimum compared to the other districts.

SSI Pandi dies of COVID 19: After a struggle of nearly 25 days, SSI or special sub-inspector of police Pandi died due to COVID 19 in Madurai's Rajaji hospital. He and three other constables were infected with the virus by a complainant who came to the Chekanuranai police station near Usilampatti in Madurai.

SSI Pandi was only a few months back posted to that station from Nagamalai station in Pudukottai district. Hailing from Kovilangulam village, SSI Pandi was a diabetic patient and had wheezing problems. On June 27, SSI Pandi was admitted to the Rajaji hospital in Madurai but died yesterday. SSI Pandi survived by his wife, two daughters and a son.

Chennai Police commissioner Press meet: Chennai Police commissioner Mageshkumar Agarwal met the Press yesterday during the full lockdown in Chennai. He said that no one should come out of their homes even on next Sunday without any specific reason. Excerpts of the meet include

  • People are cooperating well for the full lockdown on Sunday, July 19
  • 200 checkpoints with 10,000 police on duty were provided with a mask, and facial mask sanitizers were on the vigil yesterday in Chennai
  • Under Section 144 nearly 1,15,000 cases were booked for violating it
  • API cameras were capturing the vehicle numbers to register cases, and nearly 1,60,000 vehicles were seized 
  • 60,000 mask violations were registered
  • Police are trained with yoga and regular briefing to be safe during these corona crises
  • The police make crowd regulations by allowing lorry loading and unloading only during the night and placing barricades wherever possible

Police and authorities are continuously taking all efforts in Tamil Nadu, but the number of cases is still skyrocketing all over India. In Maharashtra, there were record 9500 new cases yesterday. But only around 1,000 cases reported from Mumbai. Similarly, out of the nearly 5,000 cases in Tamil Nadu, Chennai accounted for only one fourth or almost 1,250 cases.

It is a complete reverse of what was last month in June when Mumbai and Chennai had the maximum infections. It was easy to control the diseases in metropolis cities like Chennai and Mumbai. But the infections are now spreading to districts and deep down into the villages. It could bring in a catastrophe soon if not controlled immediately.