Tamil Nadu CM Stalin Says, The Lockdown Cannot Be Extended

Covai City Lockdown
Covai City Lockdown

The thoughtful and hopeful video of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin regarding the lockdown to control the spread of Covid 19 is going viral on social media. M K Stalin has posted the same in his 

Twitter page.

As he talks about lockdown in the video, he said that the corona infection in the state continues to decline. But the curfew cannot be extended due to reasons, and so he said that the lockdown is expected to end soon.

Corona spread can also be stopped if people adhere to the Covid Protocols. The livelihoods of certain sections of the curfew have indeed been affected.

Chief Minister MK Stalin initiated the video by asking whether everyone safe? And continues the note by saying, Corona infection is transmitted from one person to another. So everyone must defend themselves against the spread of infection.

Just like that, you have to be careful not to spread it to others. Coronavirus can only be eradicated by breaking the chain that spreads from one person to another. A full curfew was imposed for the first seven days on May 24.

On a positive note, Chief Minister stated, Corona spread in major cities, including Chennai, has been steadily declining since the last 24 days. The daily corona incidence in Chennai has reached 7,000 and is currently declining to 2,000. It will be fully reduced in a few more days.

The positive cases in the western parts, including Coimbatore, was higher last week. That, too, has been declining for the past two days. So everyone should realize that there is no other way to reduce the spread, and the only way to control the COVID spread is the complete lockdown. 

The government is making various arrangements to realize the impact of the entire curfew on the public. Arrangements have been made for vegetables and groceries to reach out to the people. Ration shops have opened. 

A package of 13 items required by the public will be provided soon. And, he requested the public to make full use of this. American Economist Abhijit Banerjee also praised this. The curfew, however, could not be extended. It must end soon. It is in your hands, people. 

In addition, he said, The Government of Tamil Nadu has provided a lot of infrastructure facilities for the victims of Corona in the last three weeks. Thus there is no longer a shortage of beds for infected people to seek treatment. 

There is no such thing as an oxygen shortage environment. The fact is that the beds in many hospitals are empty. Tamil Nadu has vaccinated 3 lakh people in a single day. No other state has been vaccinated to this extent. Relief amount of Rs. 2000 for the 2nd installment will be provided soon.

The corona test is performed on 1.70 lakh people a day. This level of testing has not been done in any other state. Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin is committing himself to the enormous task of protecting people.

With Hope, CM Stalin said, "We will soon bring down Corona and take new steps in various fields to create a prosperous Tamil Nadu. Let's beat Corona. We will create a prosperous Tamil Nadu for ourselves.

This thoughtful and hopeful video of MK Stalin is going viral on social media, receiving a wide range of positive comments.  Tamil Nadu CM is heading forward with a high hope to reduce the spread of COVID 19 in the state.

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