Theni under lockdown, other districts to be known after CM meet today

FOCUS (Friend of COVID person Under Surveillance) Volunteers Chennai
FOCUS (Friend of COVID person Under Surveillance) Volunteers Chennai

Theni under lockdown, other districts to be known after CM meet today: After five districts under lockdown, now Theni is the sixth district to start lockdown from 6 PM today, June 25. The other districts which will come under lockdown will be known after the chief minister meets with all district collectors today. It is after continuous raise of coronavirus cases in many districts over one thousand in the last few days.

Coronavirus in India: India is fast reaching the five lakh mark with the total number of cases at 4,56,143 and with more than 15,000 cases increasing every day. The death toll is fast, reaching 15,000 with the current toll at 14,476, with an average death toll of 450 deaths per day. While Glenmark has started supplying its Fabiflu medicines for treating COVID patients, it is Patanjali that is making the news yesterday.

Baba Ramdev has announced a cure for COVID 19 within seven days by his new ayurvedic medicines Coronil and Sawasari but its BANNED. Even when WHO has stopped temporarily the testing of hydroxychloroquine, how far these medicines will help the COVID 19 patients is unclear.

Many companies are coming with influenza, malaria, and other treatment drugs modified as COVID 19 treatment drugs. Only the WHO has to confirm the right medication for the treatment of COVID 19 ailment.

Coronavirus details in the World: The coronavirus infection worldwide is fast, reaching ten million with 9,354, 326 infections as per Worldmeter. The total death toll is reaching five million with the current death toll at 479,816 people dead already. The major countries to be affected are the US, Brazil, Russia, and India.

The US has 2,424,128 cases and 123,473 deaths. Brazil is in second with 1,151,479 cases and 52,771 deaths. Russia is third with 599,705 cases and 8,359 deaths. On June 22, WHO has warned of the rapid rise of coronavirus cases in Brazil and India in the recent days.

All have to wait until the end of the chief minister meeting today with collectors of all districts to know the districts that may come under lockdown. Coronavirus seems to stay for a longer time in Tamil Nadu, India, and World. And it is only for the people to safeguard their lives and that of their near and dear ones.