Valentines Day: Those Who Disturb The Lovers Should Be Arrested? DGP

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Valentine's Day is celebrated every year on February 14. It is an auspicious day for lovers to celebrate their togetherness. Valentine's Day is celebrated like a festival all over the world. In this situation, a petition has been submitted to the DGP office on behalf of the Tamil Nadu Students and Youth Association. 

On the eve of Valentine's Day, some anti-social elements will engage in incidents such as attacking lovers and engaging in anti-social activities against love. It has been said that those who disturb the lovers should be arrested.

On Monday, Hindu Munnani functionaries brought two dogs and dressed and garlanded them. The dogs were then symbolically married by a cadre who tied the knot.

Hindu Munnani cadres claimed that lovers misbehave in public places on Valentine's Day, so they held a dog wedding to protest.