Tiruppur: Palladam Reporter Nesaprabhu Attack Case Reason In Detail

Journalist Nesaprabhu
Journalist Nesaprabhu

Nesaprabhu, a reporter for Private Tamil Television Company, was hacked to death yesterday in Palladam taluk of Tirupur district. This has caused a huge stir among the media and the public.

Nesa Prabhu hails from Palladam of Tirupur district and has worked as Palladam taluka reporter for Private Television Company for seven years. While Nesa Prabhu was engaged in news gathering yesterday, some mysterious persons kept stalking him.

Meanwhile, Nesaprabhu has informed the police about the mysterious people watching him. It is alleged that the police did not take action immediately, even after knowing that he was threatened. It is said that the police asked him to come in person and file a complaint.

After that, Nesa Prabhu went to the public area to follow the mysterious persons and repeatedly asked for the police's help. Suddenly, on the main road in Palladam's Tiruppur district, six unknown individuals were attacked with sickles while the victim desperately sought help over the phone with police personnel.

As a result, journalist Nesa Prabhu collapsed in a pool of blood with cuts on various parts of his body, such as his hands, feet and face. Subsequently, he was shifted to a private hospital in Coimbatore, where he was treated. The Chennai Press Forum has condemned the police for not taking swift action in this incident.

When the police officer asks Prabhu the motive behind the incident, he is heard saying he made a report on a Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation Limited (TASMAC) liquor shop in the Kamanaickenpalayam area.

Meanwhile, even before the attack, a cell phone audio of the journalist demanding police protection is going viral on social media. Meanwhile, no information has been released about the identity of the mysterious gang that attacked the journalist. Police are actively looking for surveillance camera footage.

Chief Minister M. K. Stalin has condemned this incident and has announced in this regard, 'I am deeply saddened to learn that Nesa Prabhu, a private TV journalist from the Palladam area of Tirupur district, was attacked by some unknown persons yesterday. This attack on a media reporter is highly condemnable.

Strict legal action will be taken against whoever is involved in this attack. I ordered the police station inspector, who did not take immediate action on the request made by Prabhu to provide him security, to be transferred and put on the waitlist. Also, Nesa Prabhu, undergoing medical treatment, will be given Rs. 3 lakhs.'