TN Budget 2020: Highlights of the Budgets Session Conducted by Deputy CM Panneerselvam

Deputy CM of Tamil Nadu O Panneerselvam In TN Assembly
Deputy CM of Tamil Nadu O Panneerselvam In TN Assembly

Highlights of Tamil Nadu Budget 2020-2021 so far

Deputy CM O Panneerselvam has ended his budget speech in assembly now. Already few populist schemes have been announced so far now include

  • Rs. 6,500 crores allocation for food subsidy.
  • Rs. 400 crores for co-operative societies enhance the public distribution system.
  • Revised rice cultivation will be extended to 27. 18 lakh acres of land.
  • Education expenditure for the coming year 2020-2021 is Rs. 34,181 crores, which are 5,423.38 crores more than the last year 2019-2020, which was at 28,757.62  crores.
  • The expenditure for higher education for the coming year will be at Rs. 5,050.84 crores against last year's Rs. 4,584.21, which is an increase of Rs. 466.63 crores.
  • Revenue for the year is Rs. 2,19,375 crores versus the expenditure of Rs. 2,41,601 crores were resulting in a deficit of Rs. 22,226 crores.
  • Tamil Nadu's financial growth ratio will be better than the national level and estimated to be at 7.27%.
  • Though the GDP of India has come down to 5 % now, Tamil Nadu is doing better.
  • New types of crops that yield more will be introduced this year.

The Tamil Nadu government debt at the end of 2020-2021 will be at Rs. 4,56,660 crores.

Last year the Tamil Nadu government debt was Rs. 3,97,495,96 crores. Today's budget estimates the coming year debt at Rs. 4,56,660,00 crores.

In other words, the Tamil Nadu debt is increasing this year by nearly 60,000 crores.

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