TNPSC Group 2 Exam Malpractice Found Following TNPSC Group 4 Malpractice


After many arrests and reports on how TNPSC Group 4 fraud was conducted, now the Group 2 fraud suspects are absconding, and one is under investigation. Four of the family members of the car driver of the TNPSC chairman has got the top ten ranks in the Group 2 exams conducted in 2017 and posted in 2018. The driver now an SI along with his family is absconding, and his brother is working as Karaikudi register office is now brought to Chennai for investigation.

Lakhs of youth were worried and losing hope with the new frauds in TNPSC surfacing every day. If the modus operandi of Group 4 cheating could beat any Oscar-winning crime movie, the greed of an SI making four of his family members come in the top ten ranks in Group 2 is mind-boggling.

TNPSC Group 2 Exam Case is Under the CBCID:

Siththandi is a policeman from Karaikudi. He was the driver to Natraj, the then chairman of TNPSC, while he was the DGP of the Tamil Nadu police. Then when he became the TNPSC chairman after retirement, Siththandi continued to be his driver. When Navaneethakrishnan replaced Natraj as the TNPSC chairman, Siththandi continued to be his driver also. Now he is an SI in the armed police division in Pudupettai at Chennai and also fleed with his family. The CBCID police are currently investigating his brother Velmurugan in Chennai.

Siththandi, while he was working as a driver to the TNPSC chairman,  made four of his four family members, including his wife, get flying ranks in the top ten of the Group 2 exams conducted in 2017 and are now working as government staff. Previously also there were reports of the Group 4 fraud arrested government servant Muthukumar writing the TNPSC Group 2 in Rameshwaram.

Most Doubted Persons in the TNPSC Exam Frauds:

There are also many doubts about why drivers and record clerks are only being arrested until now without any higher post officials. The doubted persons are the kingpin Jeyakumar of Mogappair Chennai, who followed the parcel van and changed the answer papers, is still not arrested. The second person is Siththandi, who was rumored to be also the main person for the fraud, is now absconding.

Correcting the Papers:

In one exam hall to write the TNPSC Group 4 exams, there will be four different question papers. To correct one question paper, it will take a minimum of 40 minutes, confirm experts. Then how Jeyakumar was able to correct 99 papers and made 39 of them come top in the 100 rankings in a short time. He had only time from the dinner break of the van driver and guards in the night to the tea break at 5:30 AM to replace the corrected papers in the van.

How Jagan, the Chennai TNPSC clerk who is arrested now, was posted to Ramanathapuram with a responsibility to bring back the papers for the longest distance to Chennai.

No Kingpins were Arrested So far:

All these arrests are only small fries, and the kingpins who were the primary beneficiaries are still at large is the opinion of experts who know the inside of TNPSC and the investigation process. But the saddening fact is more and more of this TNPSC fraud gets bigger, the youth are losing hope for government employment.

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