Tomato Memes Are Trending On Social Media With Its Increasing Price

Tomato Price Increased
Tomato Price Increased

Due to the continuous rains, the yield of vegetables and tomatoes is less, and the supply to the market is less. Tomatoes sell for over Rs. 130 per kg throughout Tamil Nadu. Memes are on the air with the content of Tomato pricing.

Continuous rain in Tamil Nadu gave a hit to increasing prices of essential commodities, including tomatoes and onions. In this situation, the tomatoes coming from Andhra Pradesh and the tomatoes are grown in Tamil Nadu are ruined in the rain. This has resulted in a reduced supply of tomatoes.

Soon after the increased price of Tomato, many other vegetables like Drumstick and Brinjal price also kept growing in some districts of Tamil Nadu. Tomato prices in the markets have increased to rupees 150. In some places, it is sold for rupees 200. 

The public demanded the government to take some actions regarding the hike of Tomato price immediately. In the meantime, Netizens are currently posting a lot of memes keeping up the content as the tomato pricing. These are a bit more interesting than the memes that came with the previous onion price hike. Thus they are being shared more and more and are going viral on social media.