Transfer of Jayalalithaa's Jewelry to TN Govt for Legal Proceedings

Former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa
Former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa

A special CBI court in Bengaluru has ordered the handover of former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa's jewellery to the Tamil Nadu government. 

The Karnataka government has confiscated Jayalalitha's jewels after she was convicted in the asset hoarding case. In this case, it has been ordered that Jayalalitha's Jewels be handed over to the Tamil Nadu government for legal action.

It has also been said that the Tamil Nadu Government need to pay five crore once they get the jewellery from the Karnataka Government.

Jayalalitha's gold, diamond jewellery, silver, and wristwatches, confiscated by the anti-graft department in 1996, have been kept in the court's custody in the Bengaluru treasury.

As the trial of this case was held in Bengaluru court, all the confiscated items, including jewellery, were kept in the treasury there. Meanwhile, Jayalalithaa passed away in 2016 due to ill health, and the jewels remained there as the Supreme Court confirmed her conviction.

Meanwhile, a social activist, Narasimha Moorthy, had filed a case in the special CBI court in Bengaluru to auction Jayalalithaa's belongings. On the other hand, Jayalalithaa's niece, J. Deepa, had filed a petition claiming that she has rights over Jayalalithaa's confiscated property and should be handed over to her.

And now the CBI court has now ordered former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa's jewellery to be handed over to the Tamil Nadu government. 

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