TVK Vijay Students Meet 2024: Key Highlights and Honor Speech

TVK Vijay
TVK Vijay

The recent Vijay Students Meet was a resounding success, highlighted by TVK Vijay's impactful speech that gained widespread attention on social media. In his first event as the leader of Tamilaga Vettri Kalagam, Vijay not only celebrated academic excellence but also provided valuable advice to the students, encouraging and appreciating their efforts. 

The event concluded with the presentation of prizes to high-achieving students, leaving a lasting impression of inspiration and positivity. Vijay's speech and interactions with the students went viral online, creating a wave of enthusiasm. Here are the event highlights.

TVK Vijay On Drugs Use:

During the student honors meeting, TVK Vijay addressed the issue of drug use among the youth, referencing the tragic Kalakurichi hooch incident and criticizing the inaction of the Tamil Nadu government.

He passionately urged students to avoid drugs, stressing the importance of self-control and discipline. His speech about drugs went viral and the slogans Vijay said, "Say No To Drugs" and "Say No To Temporary Pleasures," and made the students repeat was seen as a nice gesture by the people.

TVK Vijay On Educated Into Politics:

Vijay's passionate speech on the role of young people in politics sparked viral sensation on social media. He urged students to pursue their dreams and offered practical advice for those undecided, encouraging them to consult with parents, teachers, and education counsellors.

TVK leader Vijay also highlighted the shortage of leaders in the state, Vijay suggested politics as an attainable career path for the youth, stressing that his message applied to all fields. 

He continues underscoring the importance of educated youth in shaping the future of governance. He posed a thought-provoking question to the students, "Will educated individuals should enter politics?" and the students cheered as they answered the question.

TVK Vijay With Nanguneri Student:

Vijay sat down with Chinnathurai, a resilient student who had overcome the trauma of caste violence in Nanguneri. Their interaction, captured in a photograph, drew the attention of everyone around as they sat together.

TVK Vijay's Interaction with Students:

Vijay's recent engagement with students has captured hearts across social media. Known for his warm connection, Vijay delighted students by fulfilling their wishes, whether it was posing with hand hearts or wrist pump poses. However, one unforgettable moment saw a female student honoring Vijay's parents with a shawl, a gesture that quickly went viral.

A Lady Sings TVK Vijay A Song:

In front of Vijay on the stage, a woman changed the lyrics of the song 'Vaanganna Vanakkanganna' and said we will make Vijay the Chief Minister. This video is going viral on social media.

Request To TVK Vijay:

One of the parents in the student's meet asked Vijay to conduct the same function for the college students.

TVK Vijay Quotes:

  • Say No To Drugs
  • Say Not Temporary Pleasures
  • Success is never ending, failure is never final
  • Don't lose your identity at any cost