Two Men Arrested In Fisherwoman Sexually assaulted And Murder Case

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A fisherwomen didn't return home in the evening on a usual day but did not return home that evening. Subsequently, the woman was searched by her relatives.

Later on the 24th, a fisherwoman returning from Rameswaram North was gang-raped and murdered by workers at a shrimp farm in Orissa.

Based on a complaint lodged by her husband, the city police arrested six persons from Orissa and have been investigating for the past three days. According to the police, Ranjan Rana (30) and Prakash (22), a fisherman from Orissa, went to collect algae in the northern part of Rameswaram and chased away the fisherwoman and sexually assaulted her.

They also stole gold necklaces and tried to extort money by mortgaging jewellery in Rameswaram. But since no jewellery store buys the necklace, they throw it in the water tank at the shrimp farm by wrapping it with the cloth.

Meanwhile, the police registered a case of murder and rape against two persons and arrested them as it was revealed that only two persons had raped and murdered the woman. The other four people in the area continue to tell police they know nothing about the incident.