Valimai Cement Introduced By CM Stalin Is Trending With Hashtag

Tamil Nadu CM Stalin Introduced Valimai Cement
Tamil Nadu CM Stalin Introduced Valimai Cement

The Government of Tamil Nadu has introduced low-cost cement under the name 'Valimai'. Chief Minister M.K Stalin introduced this cement today.

In Tamil Nadu, prices of construction materials, including cement, have risen sharply. Construction companies and the public have been demanding that the Tamil Nadu government take action to reduce these prices.

Cement manufacturers had predicted that cement prices would rise due to coal shortages as construction materials prices rose after the corona. Following this, Tamil Nadu Industry Minister Thangam Tennarasu had said that cement would be introduced in Tamil Nadu under the name 'Strength' on behalf of the government.

In this case, cement is currently being introduced. Valimai cement manufactured on behalf of the Government of Tamil Nadu is to be supplied to construction companies and the public at low cost, officials said. It is expected that the price of cement sold in outside markets may get reduced.

CMOTamilNadu has tweeted, 'The Hon'ble Chief Minister @mkstalin introduced the high-quality new type of cement "Valimai" of Tamil Nadu Cements Corporation and launched the sale.' After its launch hashtag, Valimaicement is trending on Twitter.