Vetrimaaran Talk On Raja Raja Chozhan At Thirumavalavan Birthday Event

Vetrimaaran And Thirumavalavan
Vetrimaaran And Thirumavalavan

Director Vetrimaaran, who participated in the 60th birthday celebrations of MP and Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi's (VCK) leader Thol. Thirumavalavan spoke on cinema. It is he has Rajaraja Cholan being identified as a Hindu king wearing saffron clothes to Thiruvalluvar.

Director Vetrimaaran said, "When the Dravidian movement took over cinema, the people from the literature department said that 'art is for art's sake, art is not for the people. They talked a lot about aesthetics. Aesthetics are important in art. But no art is complete without people.

Art is for people. Art is about reflecting on people. We need to handle this art properly today. If one fails to handle this, he will lose his identity very soon.

They are constantly taking our identity away from us. Giving saffron clothes to Valluvar and making Rajaraja Chola a Hindu king is like this. This happens in the cinema too. They take a lot of cues from the cinema as well. We must preserve this identity. If we are to fight for our freedom, we must be politically clear." Thus he spoke.

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