Video: Coimbatore ESI Hospital Dean Dr. Nirmala Reporting to Tamil Nadu CM

Coimbatore ESI Hospital Dean Dr. Nirmala Reporting to Tamil Nadu CM
Coimbatore ESI Hospital Dean Dr. Nirmala Reporting to Tamil Nadu CM

Doctors worldwide are the warriors at the forefront of the COVID 19 war.  They do not only risk their lives to save thousands every day but also risk the lives of their family. All doctors are now working day and night, and those in charge of hospitals work more than even the other doctors.

They do not only have the responsibility of taking care of the patients but also to report the developments to the respective governments. One such occurrence is the reporting of Dr. Nirmala, the recently to appointed dean of ESI hospital Coimbatore from Tiruppur, to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

After Chennai, Coimbatore seems to be the major city in Tamil Nadu for the coronavirus attack also. Being adjacent to Kerala and with many migrant workers in Tirupur and Coimbatore, the two government hospitals in Coimbatore work round the clock to save people from the COVID 19 ailments.

The Tamil Nadu CM Edappadi Palaniswami, through video conferencing, gets updates from all the deans of the many hospitals in Tamil Nadu. As on regular reporting basis, ESI Hospital, Coimbatore Dean Dr. Nirmala updated the CM on the state of COVID 19 in the hospital, and the excerpts include

  • There are 151 positive cases right now in the ESI hospital.
  • All the COVID 19 patients are well and special care is given to diabetic and hypertension patients.
  • Medicines are given to all the patients as specified in the protocol.
  • Doctors are working in three shifts, and also there is a reserve team  of doctors for emergency needs.
  • Rooms have been arranged for the doctors  in two hotels in Coimbatore, and adequate care is taken for all their needs
  • Doctors who are on duty are also made to stay in the CRI quarters.
  • Both the doctors and the COVID 19 patients are given healthy foods including lemon and ginger mix in the morning, breakfast, health drink at 10:30 AM, fruits and egg with lunch, cereals in the evening, and milk after dinner.
  • The health minister, health secretary, district collector are all helping us in a big way to fight the coronavirus.

Today, People believe in Tamil Nadu CM Edappadi Palaniswami Govt and Doctors like the dean of ESI hospital, Dr. Nirmala, for coming out of the coronavirus crisis. With all the people locked in their houses and all kinds of news around them, it is only the selfless sacrifices of doctors like Dr. Nirmala remains their only hope in these uncertain times.

The way they take care of the patients with appropriate healthy food and care will sure cure them. It is one of the reasons that the fatality rates in India are at the lowest in the world, and especially in Tamil Nadu, it is only 18 out of the 1600 +  infected cases, which is only around 1 %.

Whereas in most of the countries it is more than 10 % fatalities and also comparing to Maharastra, the fatality rates are far low in Tamil Nadu. It is only because of the services of doctors and deans like Dr.Nirmala to take all steps to ensure that all patients recover from COVID 19 and go back home safe.