Tamil Nadu Election 2021: Captain Vijayakanth Campaign Photos

Vijayakanth campaigned in Gummidipoondi
Vijayakanth campaigned in Gummidipoondi

Captain Vijayakanth has started his campaign to support his alliance parties DMDK, AMMK, SDPI, AIMIM for the Tamil Nadu Assembly Election 2021, held on April 6.

As DMDK had quit the alliance with AIADMK due to some disagreements, now the party has allied with the AMMK party and started its campaign.

Vijayakanth campaigned in Gummidipoondi, where people started to shout Captain! Captain, which seemed like a roar for Vijayakanth to get energized.

His sickness saddened his volunteers and candidates as he was mute throughout the campaign. The photos of Vijayakanthis going viral on social media, which drops down the faces to see a Vibrant person in an unexpected phase.

Tamil Nadu people cannot forget how the speech went between late former Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa and Vijayakanth in the cabinet. Vijayakanth's voice was roaring at every corner during the Election Campaign, but now his illness made him keep silent in the campaign.

He just waved his hand, seeing his volunteers when they shouted Captain! Captain! the old videos of his election campaign are still hitting likes and comments where his voice and look were enthusiastic and admirable.

And now Vijayakanth's election campaign in Gummidipoondi is going viral on social media by praising him for making an effort to support his alliance parties.