Vijayakanth Death: Premalatha Vijayakanth Request For Manimandapam

Captain Vijayakanth And Premalatha Vijayakanth
Captain Vijayakanth And Premalatha Vijayakanth

The late DMDK leader, Vijayakanth, has been buried at the party headquarters in Koyembedu, Chennai. 

Premalatha Vijayakanth announced in a press conference that the burial site will be converted into a memorial where volunteers and the public can worship and light lamps. 

Today, Premalatha Vijayakanth and their family paid their respects at the Vijayakanth Memorial. In an interview with reporters, Premalatha mentioned that permission will be granted for people to pay homage at the memorial. Arrangements have been made for volunteers and the public to pay their respects.

Premalatha Vijayakanth has requested the Chief Minister to construct a Manimandapam in public places. She also said that the DMDK will work towards fulfilling Vijayakanth's ambition and will be successful.

Furthermore, Premalatha mentioned that there are many pending works left by Vijayakanth, and they will continue to work on them. She also thanked everyone who came to the funeral and paid homage. She thanked the government officials, the film industry, fans, volunteers and everybody who stood for support.