Weather Report: Heat Waves In Major Cities Of Tamil Nadu Till April 10

Summer Weather
Summer Weather

It has been announced that a severe heat wave is set to hit the northern districts of Tamil Nadu today. The Karur and Dharmapuri districts will be the first to experience this intense heat, which is expected to persist until April 10th.

The Chennai Meteorological Department has said that a heat wave may occur in a couple of places in the interior districts of North Tamil Nadu. The maximum temperature will be around 38 to 39 degrees Celsius, and the minimum temperature will be around 26 to 27 degrees Celsius.

The maximum temperature today is likely to be 3 to 5 degrees Celsius above normal at many places in the plains of northern Tamil Nadu interior districts and 2 to 4 degrees Celsius above normal at a few places in other parts of Tamil Nadu, the Chennai Meteorological Department said.

Maximum temperature recorded at Salem: 41.5°C (+3.9°C), followed by Tirupattur: 41.4°C (+4.2°C), Karur Paramathi: 41.0°C (+4.5°C), Vellore: 40.8°C (+2.9 °C), Dharmapuri: 40.7°C (+4.5°C), Erode: 40.7°C (+3.3°C) & Tiruchirappalli: 40.5°C (+3.1°C). Thiruthani and Namakkal regions also recorded 40 degrees Celsius. Madurai (city & airport), Chennai (MBK), Coimbatore, and Thanjavur recorded 39°C to 40°C.

Coastal areas of Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and Karaikal recorded 34°C to 37°C (2-3°C above normal) and hilly areas recorded 23°C to 28°C (significantly above the normal maximum in some pockets. ) CHENNAI (MBK ) recorded above normal maximum temperature of 39.6°C (+4.3°C) and NBK normal temperature of 36.7°C (+2.4°C).

Coimbatore people are facing much more heat this year than in the previous years. The scorching sun is making the people drain quickly. Even its neighboring cities are experiencing high heat temperatures.