Kanyakumari: Wife Dragged In Car By Husband Berlin For Dowry Refusal

Representative Image
Representative Image

In Kanyakumari, a shocking incident where the husband dragged his wife in a car for a distance after she refused to pay dowry has caused a huge stir in the locality. 

Abhisha, a young girl from Sengodi near Thiruvattar and Berlin, fell in love with one another and married. At the time of marriage, Abhisha's father gifted his daughter with 81-pound sovereign jewellery, a luxury car and nine lakh rupees as dowry.

 In this situation, it is said that Abhisha was being tortured by her husband Berlin after the birth of a girl child pestering for dowry. Since Abhisha refused to give him dowry again, Berlin drove a car along with his friends and dragged Abhisha for a kilometre.

The incident was recorded on CCTV from there. The police are investigating the matter based on the complaint filed by Abhisha's father.